More Stupid Pet Trick – Wood working and electronics

Documenting the work I did yesterday. There was still a lot to do.  I made these pieces with grooves in them as the basis for the frame, so I could discreetly hold the electronics.  This was way harder than it sounded.

I had to finish the frame, cut out the cat parts, build the electronics and write the code for the Arduino.  I started putting the frame together, which was really hard.  I was using the wrong frame clamp.  When I tried the other one it was a lot easier.

I made the front of the frame and then added it to the grooves to see how it looked—this is before clamping the frame.

Then I put the electronics next to it to get the size approximate (wish I had done this better).

I had to solder this switch on to two leads.  It cuts the power from the 9v batteries from everything so you can turn the whole thing off.

Then I cut a whole for the IR sensor.

Then I tested the sensor with the LED.

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Finally, I started cutting out my cat parts with the laser cutter.  I realized at this point that I had been doing things sort of out of order.  I really should have finished the cat parts and tests before I designed and built the frame.  I found that the cat parts needed to be way smaller than I had drawn them to get the right size shadow for the frame and lights I had.

These parts were very large.  I had to make them more like this.


Author: owen ribbit