I was finding it hard to form an emotional connection with any of the fonts I was looking at, so I chose to take an easier root and look at fonts that are used by my favorite authors.  The fonts that authors or their designers use often help a reader form a bond with the work of that author.  This turned out to be more difficult than I thought, since it was hard to actually determine what the fonts were in many cases.  MyFonts.com was pretty helpful for this.

The first author I wanted to find was Jean Rhys.

The font used on her books is called Parisian.  Many of her books are set in Paris.  I found this on this woman’s blog about design for for wedding dresses: http://joanneflemingdesign.blogspot.com/2011/02/beautiful-and-damned.html

Douglas Coupland was one of my favorite authors in college.  He kind of got crappy but I still like his old books and his art.  He was into Helvetica before the movie came out.  He generally is up on trends though no one usually notices, perhaps because he is Canadian.  He coined the term “generation-x.”

He loves Helvetica, but ironically, the text of his books are not Helvetica.  They’re some serif, I don’t remember exactly what it looks like.  He even wrote a New York Times article about Helvetica.


John Updike was my favorite author in high school.  His books all have a note about the typography in the back.  They all use the same typography.

I prefer the italic version.

Rachel Ingalls was the hardest to find.  She is a relatively obscure author but I think Mrs. Caliban is one of the best novels written after World War II.  I’m not a huge fan of this font but I like the cover design a lot.

This font is called Plaza Regular.  It was hard to find.

Like Coupland, I was really into Haruki Murakami in college but kind of hate him now.  I thought he would be a good choice though, because the cover signs for the American versions of his books are very recognizable.  They were designed by John Gall.  He used Futura Light.  He uses it well, but I don’t think it looks great with my name.

Currently, my favorite publishing house is Archipelago, based in Brooklyn.  I have read a lot of their books and I like all of them.  In general their books are very well designed, both the books themselves and their covers and interiors.  My favorite of theirs is The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker.  I wasn’t able to find the exact font for his book, but the Dante font was the closest I found.

Danny Bowman is my best friend a very good blog writer.  His favorite font is Din.


Author: owen ribbit


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