Finished the cats

After meeting with Dan twice and spending way too long on this, I got done all the things I wanted to, which surprised me.  Getting the arm joint to work was the hardest part.  I had to do a bunch of trig and crap that I haven’t thought about in years.  Stuff like this:

Then I went through the same process making the legs drag.  That was a pain.  I did the whole thing, and then realized I had done it wrong after I added the dragging function.  Stupid.  The dragging part was actually pretty straight forward.  (I still don’t totally understand how the math works).  Also, Dan pointed out an obvious mistake.  I was loading each cat part into the program for every single frame, which is why it didn’t work in Javascript mode.  Oops.  Now it’s on the internet.  You can drag the cats if you grab them from the torso.  Once you realize that its really tempting to just drag the cats around all the time but I promise its ultimately more rewarding to just watch them move by themselves.

Go here to have them on their own page.

There are still flaws.  The coding is pretty stupidly organized.  I would fix this if I thought I wanted to do more with this, but I don’t really see it going further.  I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve got.  It looks almost exactly like what I first imagined.



Author: owen ribbit


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