ICM: Arrays

I played around with some different ideas with arrays, but never really got to where I was trying to go.  Here are a few of the sketches that I made which have sort of neat actions, some of which were intended and some were not.
The obvious issue with these first two sketches is that eventually you have a million circles that are moving and it can’t display them fast enough and is dragging down the processing speed probably of the whole browser and computer (you should refresh your window probably). I started to solve this problem and then realized I probably need to make an array of arrays, which may be a 2D array, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that, so I’ll probably have to ask Dan after class.

This is one way I dealt with it:
http://www.openprocessing.org/visuals/iframe.php?visualID=43156&width=600&height=400&border=trueAnd a different approach (though this beings to drag over time as well, just takes longer).http://www.openprocessing.org/visuals/iframe.php?visualID=43157&width=600&height=400&border=trueThis is my current working version, which seems to work a little better, though I don’t know why. It made me late to a meeting today. The problem is that the circles all change size and that’s not exactly what I want. I want them to pop and then you have to click on another one to make it grow.http://www.openprocessing.org/visuals/iframe.php?visualID=43158&width=600&height=400&border=trueBut, after all that, I really don’t even know if this has anything to do with what I want to do for a midterm. I’ve thought about using the red squares again, the cats and more circles that do something cooler. I also like the images that Kaitlin and I used. I would like to something with images and some kind of array/replication action that isn’t totally obvious but kind of changes a little over time, sort of like these circles, and makes a collage or image or some sort. But I also really like the idea of making the image disappear if you go to far, like in Circles 3.

One last observation: Typing the word circles is really annoying.  I spell it wrong probably about 55% of the times I type it.


Author: owen ribbit


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