Final Media Controller Documentation

The last week or so of working on the Media Controller was kind of a race to get everything done before Wednesday.  We settled on materials and the sound design and got some working code, but in the end ran out of time to tweak the code to work exactly the way we wanted it to.  We ended up with something that looked really close to what we had envisioned, but ran out of time to get the code—and therefor the sound and motor reactivity—totally right.

Here’s the basic look, with the Arduino taken out.  Some of the wires are exposed, but this is basically how it was envisioned.  This is just burlap fastened to springs and hide the electronics, with the photocell peeking out the top.  The FSR sits under the spring to take pressure from the user pressing on it.  One of the speakers is also fastened onto the base.  The wires come out from the base, held down by a piece of foam with a few holes.  They are placed on top of a bed of concrete/stone mix, inside of a drawer that I took from a desk in my office that fell apart.

One of the creatures.

The inputs/outputs for one creature with three speakers in series.

Three creatures plus the Arduino.

The creature circuit. I used a microphone to stand in for the Micro-Motor.

I had built an amplifier circuit that worked, but when I tried to implement it with three creatures there was a lot of buzzing/noise/impedance and I didn’t have time to figure out how get rid of all of it, so it wasn’t used in the presentation.  Here’s the circuit:

The fritzing sketch shows an LM 358, but I actually used an LM386. I think the 358 would have served me better.

Another shot of the piece.

A couple videos of the piece in action, first me testing, then Manuela and the class playing with it, and some commentary from Tom.

[yframe url=’′%5D


Author: owen ribbit


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