ICM: Midterm progress

Over the weekend I made my Processing sketch from the midterm into an object oriented sketch, and then got some help from Dan to fix some of the code.  It’s not all the way done yet, but it works a lot better.  I can make the units and now I just have to animate them.  I’m looking into different physics libraries in Processing to do this.  Right now its kinda dumb, but you get the idea: those four objects will form some sort of creature.  For some reason the refresh button doesn’t work in the browser, but you can just refresh the window.

Dan also showed me a better way to do the drawing.  Instead of using PGraphic, just plot the point in an array that can be used in different ways later.  Then he wrote this neat little sketch in about sixty seconds.  You can’t see what you’re drawing right now but it will appear once you release the mouse.  Going to implement this into my original idea.



Author: owen ribbit


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