So close yet so far

More work on the PComp final today.  Went to the Container Store which was the best decision I ever made.  Discovered pink ribbon which is perfect for the scrubbing bar to cover the touch sensor.  Also got two nicely shaped boxes to house the screen and other electronics.  Still a lot of design decisions left, like where do the headphone go, how do I mount and place the elements.  Got a pretty good prototype going with cardboard which was satisfying.  Still after all the work, the scrubber didn’t give me any values with Arduino.  Not sure why since everything works, I can read resistance and everything, until I plug in the computer.  Had to give up for tonight.

Housing for the screen.

Dial for audio channel one.

Box for electronics.

Stripped down the slider to start from scratch with copper tape.

After laying the copper tape in the groove I put down a layer of mylar.  Had to cut it four times cause I can’t cut straight.

Added the pink ribbon strip.

Put it all together and…nothing happens.


Author: owen ribbit


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