Face tracking research

Five interesting face tracking projects.

This bug that follows you is a more dynamic/robotic version of the classic eyes following passers by in a monitor or shop window or something.  The exectution and design of the bug is pretty impressive, but its not super compelling in terms of the interaction.


This is cool.  It’s not exactly art work, its kind of a tech demo that shows how something works.  Could be an extremely creepy trick mirror at a clothing store or something.

This is closer to a piece of art.  Its’s still kind of gimmicky.  It looks nice.  It might be more fun in person.  It seems to inspire the reaction that a lot of interactive things inspire which is like ‘whoa this is neat how’d you do this??’

This dude is wilding.

Cute cow.

If you’re still reading:  This guy is really boring put the few times you get to see his work its actually pretty interesting.  This is way more creepy and fun than the earlier mirror things.



Author: owen ribbit


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