Laser cut assignment

I was getting frustrated with my seahorse design for a few reasons, both technological and conceptual.  The material didn’t work well with the design.  But I found I was more interested in the the denim I was using than the seahorse.  I really liked the way the detached denim leg looked stapled to the masonite board.  It looked like a canvas for a painting or something.

The seahorse shapes that I was trying to cut looked like cartoon faces.  This was part of my inspiration.  I also looked at a lot of John Baldessari images.  Then I drew something.  Here’s part of my brainstorm process.

And here is the first in what I think will be a series, called 1% Inspiration 99% Perspiration.

I thought about adding layers with flaps and more drawings but I don’t think that would actually work.  I want to do a series with different designs.


Author: owen ribbit


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