VFNM: Documentary

New York City Marble Cemetery

New York Marble Cemetery

I was interested in capturing the paradox of public space in New York City. While one marble cemetery is hiddle from view, one looks like any other park in New York, perhaps a bit cleaner. Looking in through the fence, the New York City Marble Cemetery, where most of the documentary takes place, appears to be a truly tranquil place in the middle of a loud and busy East Village. But, for the most part, no one can over go in. It’s exclusivity, of course, preserves that feeling of tranquility, but it also raises the question: is this use of space appropriate in a cramped city? Who does it really serve? Our documentary doesn’t really attempt to answer these questions but attempts to dramatize the feeling of being inside and outside the cemeteries and this particular oddity of New York culture.


Author: owen ribbit


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