My remix features clips from Boy Meets World and a song by my friend _i.  It’s an expansion of an idea I had when I wrote a piece about BMW for a blog.  At first, for the remix assignment, I spent a lot of time with shitty streams of basketball games that I watch illegally on my computer.  They pause a lot and it makes for an interesting viewing experience, but after cutting them together I wasn’t that into the results.  I turned to BMW, which is the only real pop cultural thing that I have any nostalgia for, since I didn’t grow up with television (as I relate in the article).  My thesis in the blog piece is basically that BMW dramatizes the process of mediocrity, it follow Cory Matthews from a funny and quirky little kid through all of the failures of his life, through which he clings to his family and friends as the only way to make sense of a meaningless world.  My remix attempts to approach that idea from a new angle.  The metaphor of Cory sky diving in reverse, jumping backwards into the safety of a fake air plane and the arms of his father and brother, I found to be a pretty powerful way to frame the narrative arc of BMW (though I happened on the effect accidentally, playing with various techniques of chopping up clips, playing them at different speeds and such).  I chose clips in reverse order of the show, starting with season 7, where Cory has become a neurotic husband defined by archetypal relationships in the absence of any ambition or success, and going back to season 1, Cory as a confused eleven year old.  The clips fade in and out of the airplane scene like memories, like someone’s life flashing before their eyes backwards.  Taken out of context, these clips express Cory’s fears: depression, loneliness, angst and mediocrity.


Author: owen ribbit


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