VFNM: Max patch

I tried to make a max patch that would take something mundane, like watching a basketball game streaming on the internet, into something pretty, the way that glitchy computer compression errors often do.  Like data moshing.  

This is a screen shot of the post.  Basically it take a video (a highlights clip of a Knicks-Bulls game from back in April) and then take this matrix array thing of two lines, separates it into the plaid pattern, then mixes that with the original video through a cross fade and then inverts the colors, and then mixes that with the a different circuit of the original video which has a thing making the brightness, saturation and contrast increasing a rate that is reset each time a new image from the plaid video thing is taken.  The rate of the video also increases.  The effect is the sort of glitchy computer streaming quality, but made a bit more abstract and sort of pretty.  If I had more time to work on this, I would want to make the rate at which all of the different elements are changing a bit more dynamic, which might just mean throwing in some random number ranges, but it would be nice if they reacted to each other in some way.  Here is some of the best parts of the resulting footage.

This would probably be pretty cool with some weird music going on too.


Author: owen ribbit


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