nime week 3, butt control

Control hadn’t really entered my thoughts in terms of creating an instrument until this week, because I had to think about it.  I had a lot of different ideas about sculptural/physical controllers before realizing that the most compelling movement I could create was just using my body with the FSRs.  It was extremely easy to just tape the FSRs onto my body at different points and then make contact with surfaces to activate the sensors.  I then had the idea of using my butt, which kind of works naturally because people are usually sitting when they work on computers, so I can change the code while still wiggling my butt, and because moving your butt is an essential element of music.  Merche pointed out today that the butt movements in this video are actually not that different from my regular body movements when I’m just using the control surface.  I also built a little control surface to do what I was controlling on the computer before, adding new tracks, triggering the recording part, and switching between channels, so I could get my hands of the computer entirely.  It would be nice to integrate the controller into whatever outfit I eventually (might) build for the FSRs, but I also like the idea of having a little controller surface attached to your hot shorts.


Author: owen ribbit


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