papo, week 4, mechanism puppet

I made another cat puppet that doens’t really look like a cat.  We had to do one mechanism.  My first three or four attempts were failures.  I was trying to get the ears to pop open and then flap back into place to show surprise.  I finally just used a very basic mechanism, attaching the tips of the ears directly to string, and putting some stretchy string separated by tube segments into the ears to make them snap back into place.

After that I got more used to it and added little leg mechanisms to make his front legs move back and forth.

I had to reinforce the body with a stick so the head wouldn’t fold back on itself.

It was hard to get the movements as fast as I wanted them, mostly because of the friction between the cardboard and wire.  It would probably work better with wood or plastic or something.


Author: owen ribbit


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