papo final, synth robot cat

this was a very long process of testing, building, rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding…  here is some of that process:

an early test of the leg mechanism.  getting the legs to work was one of the most difficult parts of the process.


first time it looked like a “cat”, even without the tail.  the entire head would be replaced including the speaker.

my circuit used ethernet cables to connect the arduinos (i used two) to the cat.  this worked really well, except the leads on the back of the ethernet jacks were a bitch to solder, and they never stayed in place, so the circuit was shorting out all the time until i taped them together.

this is the inside of my controller.  its incredibly ineffecient, mostly because i was just kind of making things up as i went along.  one arduino controls all the servo movement, while the other does all the sound stuff.  but they share leads on the ethernet jacks.  there were also three separate power sources, a 9v battery for the sound, wall usb plug to power the servo arduino, and a wall plug to power the servos.  i probably could’ve powered everything with the wall wart, but for some reason my old college arduino wouldn’t take power from anything but the usb jack, so it wasn’t worth it to add onto the already ridiculous circuit.  this image doesn’t even show the completed circuit, there are 14 more orange and green wires that i added for servo control.

This video is still being edited but will have to do for now. Images coming soon.


Author: owen ribbit


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