animals, spirit animal

I did actually think about other possible spirit animals.  I like cows a lot.  But in the end it didn’t make sense to do anything but a cat.  I drew a lot of cats.  The comments in class were very revealing, people said they looked like hieroglyphics and that “the cat was the medium of experimentation.”  I see these all as one cat, with different stories and ideas explored in each one, different representations.  I usually draw cats when I’m sketching out projects—cat sculptures or animations.  It was fun to draw a lot of cats just for the sake of drawing cats.

After drawing all of them, I wished I had drawn them all the same instead of using different styles but it was fun to explore the way I draw cats, which I do a lot when I’m sketching out project ideas, but just for the sake of drawing cats.  While I do like cats and I think I probably have some similarities to a cat in terms of personality and disposition, I don’t feel spiritually connected to cats as much as I just feel connected to the act of drawing them, if that makes sense.  I feel that drawing lots of little cats represents my personality more than one cat could.

In terms of the cat’s character, I was thinking a lot about how cats interact with people while I was drawing, and also stereotypes of cats.  I think cats are very self conscious at times but not always—maybe they’re not literally self-conscious they way people are but it seems that way.  Cats are often depicted as being mean and aloof, which I think comes from their self-consciousness.  I think they are aware of people and people’s attention and sometimes they it appeals to them and sometimes it doesn’t.


Author: owen ribbit


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