thesis, models


This is the original concept, which I worked on this weekend. I’m thinking about taking it in different directions now, but I figured I would still post these to give a sense of what I was thinking.


This shows the relationship of the user to the joystick, monitor and maze.


The user.


From above.


This is a new idea, a robot cat performance with a monitor translating the cat/synth sounds that they could make.


The cats could have different movements and interact with one another.


Another random idea—the cat has a little track on the ceiling he runs around in.


This is a model of the AR maze.


The tags would be custom, this is just a standin, but full scale.

The AR codes in action.

“Once upon a time there was a cat…” A cat—not a robot cat.

I’ve started to coalesce around a story based on a future where cat robots have replaced real cats as pets. The story could be narrator by an ancient cat (real cat) who lived through the transition from cats to robot cats. The real cat lived indoors had never met another real cat and didn’t know the difference between robot cats and himself, or something. Then our future robot cat reads his story and realizes that he isn’t a “real” cat.


Author: owen ribbit


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