thesis, what week is it?

I worked a lot this week getting together a short excerpt of the performance for the art crit tonight. I ran into a lot of problems building the new cat. I had to scale the cat up 1.5x to accomodate the battery I will be using–I also thought a lot about just using wall power, which I could still do if I have more battery problems. The mechanisms didn’t scale as well as I had hoped, so I spent a lot of time re working them and updating new parts. I had planned to make two new cats, but had to work on getting the one cat to work better. Hopefully next weekend I can finish the redesign and build a second cat.

I spent a lot of time on the script as well and its getting closer to something that works. There is still a lot that needs to be refined and rewritten. I’m going to do a shorter version of the first scene tonight and see what kind of feedback I get. Right now the story is mostly about the mythology of the cat creator, who is a human, told by one of the cat robots (the story is a mythology invented by the robot). This story is fleshed out and I’ve gotten good responses to it, but I’ve had a harder time working on the relationship between the two cats. I’m going to focus on bringing that out next.

I finished the control interface in Processing, AR environment in Unity, and robotic code in Arduino. There are some parts that need to be refined, but all of the elements are working.

Here are pics of the new cat:




Author: owen ribbit


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