printing code, final ideas

My idea for the final is to do an expanded version of the logo for my band Giant Steps.  I would like to do a poster that represents the band and its sound and also have an augmented reality component that activates different loops to create a “generative” song for a viewer using a smart phone or something.

These are some of my original designs for Giant Steps:

I did some tests using my previous designs as AR fiducial markers and they didn’t go very well.  I may have to try some kind of simpler computer vision program to recognize shapes or colors, but I don’t want that to necessarily limit my design decisions.  But maybe having limitations would be good?  The AR program would also have some kind of visual signal that a shape has been activated so the viewer can associate the changing sounds with the graphical elements of the poster.

I started looking at concert posters but I didn’t find many that I both liked and thought would work for something like this.

Here are a couple of those:

I also thought about visual systems that represent music as a good way to combine the two ideas.  I looked at the way sequencers are designed, and some interesting musical scores.

A score by Anthony Braxton:

Some more info about Braxton’s scores.

Then I just looked at posters to find inspiration.  Here are a couple I liked:

I want to spend a little more time playing with the possibility of augmented reality, but my main goal is to make something visually interesting that also represents Giant Steps.


Author: owen ribbit


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