thesis, week10 progress

Late again on this one, but I’ll try to summarize where I was last week after the crit and before the first performance. After the crit, I was worried about continuing to work on the augmented reality/video part of the performance, in part because some viewers seemed confused by it, and also because the complexity of the technological setup was preventing me from spending as much time as I wanted to on the script writing and rehearsing aspects of the project. For the first full tech rehearsal, just to make sure, I did one with only the text component and another with text and video.

video rehearsal.

I actually really like the aesthetic of the video, so in order not to lose it from the project entirely I decided to create new contexts beyond the performance. I plan to make a video fake documentary style featuring the cats and an installation that gives people control of the cats. These plans might be overly ambitious and I might not get around to doing them, but I’m trying to carve out some time after the performances to work on them.

text rehearsal.

I spent so much time debugging before actually rehearsing that the big cat ran out of batteries by the time I got to this section. This setup is a lot cleaner and more obvious.

I also tried adding more visual components to the monitors, google image searches of the cats lines, fragments of glitch and digital compression etc., but they all just seemed like fx. I didn’t have the time to develop something that really made sense in context, so I just went with the text and cats for the first performance. Stripping down the tech did give me a lot more time to work on the script and talk to different readers about their impressions. I did eight different versions in all and I plan to write new stories for the next performances. That is, after all, the fun part.


Author: owen ribbit


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