animals, final draft postmortem

Link to Kitty & Mimi.

The feedback in class was encouraging.  The class clearly found the project to be genuinely funny and our guest critics were definitely laughing/smiling if also being more critical.  Abigail commented on the my sort of portrayal of masculinity, which was good because I wanted that to come across.  Marina gave helpful comments about the writing, I’m definitely interested in extending the duration of the posts, though I’m not sure what the perspective should be, if I should dive further into being a cat, or make Mimi’s hand in the perspective more clear.  I talked to Wyna about the other night for a while and we talked through the various ways I could push the perspective further.  I didn’t reach a resolution but there seem to be a few options:

1. Reveal my hand as the artist and the cat, by somehow making it clear that it is me who contrived the situation, me who used Mimi as an actor, and me who is using this as a vehicle to express something about myself.

2. Dig deeper into Mimi’s understanding of the cat.  Have Mimi spend a lot of words/time trying to understand the cat and how  it lives.

3. Mimi presenting herself more subjectively through the cat.

4. Some ambiguous combination of these ideas.

I think personally I’m most interested in the first scenario because it is in a way the most true.  I am in fact the artist, expressing myself through this cat and using Mimi as a sort of actor or character.  I think that making this reveal in some way in the writing might be interesting, or at least worth exploring.

Nina made the most critical comment about the project, which was that she didn’t see the point of adding more to the cat meme world, and that the project didn’t necessarily seem to be doing anything different.  I think that the point is valid, though I disagree that its not doing anything different, obviously, I’m not a real cat.  Is this enough different though?  I think that might reflect more on the writing so far, which I’m still shaping.  But it definitely gives me a challenge that I’m looking for, which is to make my intentions very clear, and make the project say something more than just being a joke about cat memes.

I also showed the blog to Mimi and got her reaction.  She may still do some writing and it would be really interesting to see how that contrasts or compares with the writing I’ve already done.  Mimi said that reading the blog she sometimes felt like I was writing from the point of view of the cat, as opposed to writing as Mimi writing from the point of view of the cat, which is an interesting distinction.  Maybe when I was trying to embody the cat I forgot to filter my perceptions through Mimi.

I’m a little lost as to where to go.  I feel like the visuals have been effective so I want to spend more time getting the writing down.  I have some doubts as to whether anyone would ever really read this as anything other than comedic, but my task is to make it read as something more challenging to the ideas that are presented/parodied.


Author: owen ribbit


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