week4, typography


For the typography assignment I played with generating fonts by many different methods, using the Geomerative library with images, font sets that I created, and adding randomization or intentional changes.  I created some different font sets based on a project I did last year where I created an iconographic font.  I tried combining the standard Free Sans font with my own fonts, which were not actual english letters, but drawings of cats.  This print was based on combining the Free Sans font with one drawing of a cat. This print ends up representing that process more than being a finished idea.  I never quite got the font to the place where I wanted it, where it would be both legible and visually resemble a cat.  The task proved to be much more difficult than I imagined, but this visualization of the process (which isn’t generative but actually manually plotted out—I wrote my program so that I could save different combinations that I liked in a specific sequence) tells an interesting story about the process of design and also has an interesting composition on its own.

View code.


Author: owen ribbit


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