week5, book cover

book1 book2 book3 book4For the book cover assignment I continued working with the cat font.  I still wasn’t able to get it exactly where I wanted it to be, and I think I spent to much time working on the font and lost time to work on the cover design.  The most challenging part of the design for me was the modified version of the grid I created for the text sections.  I wanted to emulate the frontispiece of the original Beware the Cat novel, which has two blocks of type in which the type set gets progressively smaller.  I thought it would be easy to change the grid code to do this but it was a real challenge.  In order to get the right effect, I had to rewrite Rune’s grid code using a factorial algorithm so that each row would adjust its size according to the height of the grid and the total number of rows.  Once it worked though it was pretty simple.

Beware the Cat was an influential novel in the development of my thesis this semester.  Read more about that here.

When I was working on this print I found this great essay tracing the origins of the woodcuts used in the novel printing.

View code.


Author: owen ribbit


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