week8, randomization

ran1 ran2


For the randomization assignment I chose to replicate the Blinky Palermo paintings “Coney Island II”.  I don’t think he used “randomization” in these paintings, but I was interested in trying to recreate the color relationships in code.  This was actually relatively easy.  I found that for each painting the main color and the color of the top and bottom bands were always about 30 degrees different in hue on the HSB wheel, and the main color from one painting to the next was between 30 and 60.  These movements actually created good color combinations in almost every algorithmically generate design.

Here are a few more digital examples.

dig1 dig2 dig3


This was actually my second attempt to generatively create a Blinky Palermo work.  I did another program based on his “Eight Red Rectangles”, which I had in fact recreated in Processing at the beginning of ITP in ICM.  Most of this code was actually doing the hit detection between the squares once they were generated so they wouldn’t overlap.  This took a while to figure out, but once I got it correct, I could make pretty good riffs on the original composition.

I forgot to document the print itself, but I wasn’t that excited about it anyway.  Here are some digital examples.

squares1 squares2


View code.


Author: owen ribbit


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