printing code, final

poster1 poster2

These are two of the poster designs I presented in the final class.  I wrote a program that generates the posters, based on my original logos, as well as a new sequence and version of a song, composed and recorded by my bandmate Nick and I.  I tried a lot of different visual styles when working on this project.  Here is a video showing that process:

Eventually I settled on the overlapping and changing patterns of lines superimposed over the grid.  I felt that this spoke to the music in the most direct way, as we use electronics sequencers as well as live instruments and often play with the tension between computer time and human time keeping.  In some patterns the lines are even and equal distances apart, while other show the lines breaking off at different angles and overlapping, which is often the way time is represented in our songs.  As a drummer, I think about time and patterns a lot, so these appealed to me as visualizations of those concepts.


These are the three posters I chose to exhibit at the ITP show with the rest of the Printing Code class.  While the Processing sketch I wrote generates each poster, it sends data to a Pure Data patch, which generates music based on the same sequence of patterns, with each pattern mapped to a specific sample.  Here are the posters with each associated version of the song.





Author: owen ribbit


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