digital mockups

I made a new 3d character with Teddy3D and Blender and did some drawings for to print mockups.  I tried a bunch of different things in Photoshop first and then printed a few of them.  I decided I’m not that into drawing the texture as like a literal texture for the models, its just kind of boring and hard to execute.  I thought about using a cool pattern like the ones you see in a lot of block prints or textile prints, but then I thought about using my weird symbol alphabet that I’ve been developing since the Levi Strauss project and my Beware the Cat project.  It took me a couple of hours to redesign the symbols but it was actually a really fun process that I hadn’t had time to do before — I think I need a few more revisions, but its in a much better state now.  Here’s the paragraph I wrote in “cat script”, which is “translated” from a random blog post I wrote:



I also did a drawing for the texture that was very simple/rushed (since I spend so much time on the symbols):



Using those, plus the wireframes, I made a whole bunch of different mockups, some of which looked cool, some NOT, and then printed my four favorites.  I’ll post the prints after I photograph them (and by “photograph” I mean, iphone).




new5-1-char-char-big new5-1-char-char-small

new5-1-char-small new5-1-char-wf-big new5-1-char-wf-small new5-1-draw-wf new5-1-draw new5-char-char new5-char-wf new5-char new5-draw-wf new5-draw


Author: owen ribbit


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