bitpim with samsung sch-u410

Recently I wanted to hack into my old flip phone, a Samsung SCH-u410, to set up a slide show to install at the faculty show at BMCC.  I discovered BitPim after some Googling and then ordered a USB cable from Newegg to connect with the phone.  BitPim didn’t support this specific phone, but I was able to get it recognized by selecting a similar phone model in preferences.  Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.46.55 PM

It doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of documentation for BitPim, possibly because these phones are for the most part outdated, and it was used mostly just to change ringtones and add images for wallpaper and stuff on old phone.  At first I just wanted to delete the default images on the phone, so my slide show wouldn’t contain goofy Verizon images mixed into my art piece, and also to make the slideshow loop.  I wanted to record my process in case any one else wanted to to cool stuff with old flip phones.  I’m interested in trying more glitches with the phone and see what I can do, but I only had a week to finish this piece and don’t want to risk breaking the phone in the process, but I plan to order a few more these sometime in the future and see what I can do with it.



Author: owen ribbit


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