mistakes will be shown at CologneOFF 2016 in Shillong, India

My animation mistakes will be shown at the CologneOFF 2016 in Shillong, India.  It’s part of animateCOLOGNE 4 – 4th Cologne Art & Animation Festival.


animation tool

I turned the drawing tool for my new app into an animation tool.  It’s a bit idiosyncratic, and geared towards the type of animation I want to use in the app, but it’s online and could be used with some guidance.

Right now you can basically draw, add frames, copy and paste.  When you click to go to next frame or last frame it automatically save drawing on current frame.  All of the buttons have key commands so I can draw with right hand and operate the program with my left.  Maybe will make tooltips at some point, though I doubt anyone else will really use it.  Eventually want to add layers, frame timeline and erase functions, but that sounds hard….




Canvas drawing

I’ve been slowly working on a new app.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what it will be but I am starting to try to incorporate content from a novel that I started writing back in 2010 and have worked on on and off since then.  I think something that early apps were missing was a longer story with real, complex characters.  But it’s tricky to add so much text into a game or interactive context.

Anyway, one of the tools I’ve created while building the app is a squiggly drawing thing using JS and HTML5 Canvas.  It’s a pretty simple drawing script that just animates the points of the drawing a little bit, in the style of Dr. Katz or early Home Movies episodes.  The drawing interface won’t be part of the app, but a way for me to make and save drawings.  You can play with it here, and if you like a drawing, press space bar and it will print out the point on the website, copy and paste it into an email and send it to me at obroberts at gmail.