water color notebook

I made a new notebook out of the leftover paper from the Something Ave. Messages paintings I did for the opening. I had a bunch leftover so I made a 15 page 5 x 7 notebook with a stab bound cover using the board from some old mixed media notebooks. Turned out okay, but realized the paper is way too thick to make a good stab bound book, probably going to be hard to actually use past page 3 or so, though I guess I could cut the pages out as I go.





plastic book called “ok”

I made a book out of plastic, a project that I’ve been thinking about vaguely since like 2010. The biggest obstacle was using a laser cutter and I eventually went to NYU AMS to get the plastic cut which was a bummer because I just had to give them my files and materials and couldn’t really make changes or try different stuff. Turned out okay though. Might make more of them someday. The text is from GChats, the format is anytime I responded “ok” to someone and then the sentence preceding my response.




New Unsubmit/Submit test print

Tycho and I printed some of the designs Mimi and I cut out back in August/September and they looked much better than the tests we tried.  I’m getting excited about the project again, which has had many bumps since Mimi and I first started talking about it back in like February or March.  The ink is still drying, so I haven’t bound the test book, but I’m excited to see what it will look like.

IMG_1627 IMG_1628