I’m drilling into the cat’s feet to mount them on a piece of ply-wood to put in the spring show.  It was a delicate operation.

Some pictures:

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My digifab final expands on the CNC assignment, using the joint that I created to make fully articulated cats, one with a screen for a face, the other with a camera that feeds the screen.  This turned out to be a pretty time consuming task.  The skeleton cat had 30 parts, plus about 15 dowels and 10 joints.  The fat cat had 20 parts and about 10 dowels and 1 joint.  The process was fairly involved, though I didn’t do much measuring or anything like that.  In the end my parts were very strange sizes and I should have done more precise measurements.  I drew the parts in my notebook and then imported them in Illustrator and live traced them, to get vectors for each drawing.

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CNC cat

I made a cat for my CNC assignment.  I did a drawing in my notebook, took a pic with my cell phone, live traced the pic in Illustrator, imported the lines into Vectorworks, added circles to the face and jaw, imported a dxf into MasterCam, set up the cutting paths for the CNC, which took a while because there were a few small cuts that were hard to figure out, and then cut it on plywood.

Laser cut assignment

I was getting frustrated with my seahorse design for a few reasons, both technological and conceptual.  The material didn’t work well with the design.  But I found I was more interested in the the denim I was using than the seahorse.  I really liked the way the detached denim leg looked stapled to the masonite board.  It looked like a canvas for a painting or something.

The seahorse shapes that I was trying to cut looked like cartoon faces.  This was part of my inspiration.  I also looked at a lot of John Baldessari images.  Then I drew something.  Here’s part of my brainstorm process. Continue reading “Laser cut assignment”

CNC Multiaxis machining

Multiaxis machining is a manufacturing process that uses computer numerical controlled tools to manufacture parts by milling away material, using water jet cutting or laser cutting.  The traditional three access CNC is augmented with rotation on one or more axis.  The number of axes on these machines can be from 4 to 9.

Here we see a part being made by such a machine:

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DIGIFAB: First drawing

I did a pencil for my first drawing because I wanted to do something simple.  I spent a bunch of hours drawing my first version before realizing that I had written down all of my caliper measurements wrong.  I was using an analog caliper and I was reading 0 as 1, etc., so everything was 0.1″ off (fortunately I have a digital caliper coming in the mail).  I adjusted and frantically drew the second version of the pencil before class.  I still need to add some dimensions so I’ll do an updated version soon.