digital spaces, final proposal

floor plan




The main character is a cat, with a 3rd person controller.  The player can move back and forth, left and right and look around.  Pressing spacebar makes the cat jump.  The cat can also climb up and down on certain surfaces.  Pressing another button make the cat paw something with his front paw.  This is used to interact with different objects, move things and knock things over.


Walk through


Act 1


1. Beginning


Game begins with character (3rd person cat) in a cage, looking out at into a laboratory.  At the far end of the lab is a door, with a flickering green light in the window.  Its the main point of interest in the scene, possibly the only thing that has color/animation.


2. The cage


The cat explores the cage.  At first he cannot get out.  There is a litter box in the corner of the cage filled with little poops.  There is also a small gap in the top of the cage.  The cat can paw the poops over to a corner and climb on them to get out of the cage.


3. Countertop 1


The cat’s cage is on a countertop.  There are a few objects on this countertop, some wires, tools, a beaker of liquid, a newspaper and charts of cat vision and cat movement.  There are a bunch of shelves with books and binders above the counter.  The cat can explore the objects and paw them and push them off the counter.  The cat needs to paw the newspaper over the edge of the counter to make a bridge to the next counter.


4. Countertop 2


At the south end of the room there is another countertop.  There is another cage with a cat inside.  Above the counter there is a big thing that looks like a microwave.  The other cat has some gross electrodes and stuff in his brain and is kind of twitching and crazy.  The door has an electronic lock on it.  The cat can push a button and open the cage, but if he does the crazy cat with jump out and eat him.  Game over.


You can restart.  The cat passes the crazy cat cage.  There’s a control box next to the cage.  If the cat paws different controls, the crazy cat gets zapped or does different things.  Next to the counter is an exit door with one of this long bars that you push to open.  If the cat jumps onto the bar, it will depress and then snap back into place, flinging the cat up on top of the exit sign.  From there, the cat can jump onto the top of the microwave, then walk across and jump onto the bookshelves, and then walk across and jump to countertop 3.


There is also one of those hanging power strips that the cat can swing on to get to the center table.


One of the buttons on the control panel will also open the crazy cat cage.  The cat can open the cage and then jump onto the door and escape.  The cat will then start to destroy everything in the lab.

5. Countertop 3


On the third countertop there are some more instruments, one of which is a mirror.  When the cat looks in the mirror it sees that it also had gross electronics sticking out of its brain.  It needs to see this in order to move to Act 2.


There is also a fire alarm next to the counter.  The cat can set off the fire alarm.  If the scientist is still in the other room, he will run out, leaving the door to room 2 open.  The cat can then jump down to the floor and run into room 2.


If the cat waits too long to do this, the scientist will abruptly leave the second room and go through the exit in the first room.  If this happens, using the fire alarm will not help the cat get into room 2.


6. Floor


At any time, the cat can jump onto the floor and explore.  The only way to get back up to the counters is by crawling up the edge of the drawers on the front.


7. Lab table


There’s a metal table in the middle of the lab with a sink.  Something will probably happen with the sink.


Act 2


1. Entering the second room


Once the cat had managed to open the door, either by alerting the fire alarm or TK OTHER METHODS he finds another room with a huge evil MRI like machine with a tiny kitten in the middle.  The kitten is getting zapped with green radiation stuff.  The cat has to paw the controls of the evil looking MRI machine to open the door and the kitten comes out on a little moving platform.  If the cat doesn’t make it in time, the kitten will have died and the game starts over.  If he makes it in time he can put the kitten on his back and try to leave room 2.


If the crazy cat is still running around, it will eat the kitten.  The cat needs to open the exit door too.  If I have more time it would also be cool to make a fire escape as a second exit.  Need to think more about the ending….




Cat character

– Drawings: different states for actions

– 5 – 10 standing in place

– 5 – 10 walking cycle

~2 – looking left

~2 – looking right

~4 – pawing things

~2 – climbing up

~2 – climbing down

~2 – climbing sidways

– 5 – 10 jumping


Crazy cat character

– drawings

– 5 – 10 – freaking out in the cage

– 5 – 10 – attacking cat

– 5 – 10 – eating kitten

– 5 – 10 – running around lab room


Kitten character

-drawings s

~3 – alive in mri machine

~3 – dead in mri machine

~3 – being carried by cat

~5 – being eaten by crazy cat


Scientist character

– drawings

~5 standing over machine

~10 walking cycle for leaving

~10 running cycle for fire alarm


First laboratory room

– Cage

– litter box with 1 texture

– 10 – 20 poops with different textures

– 4 walls with cage texture

– 1 ceiling with cage texture and gap


– 3 countertops

– marble/metal textures

– cabinet, bottom textures


– Countertop 1

– newspaper and texture

– tools and textures


– Countertop 2

– control panel and textures


– Countertop 3

– mirror and texture

– fire alarm and textures


– Metal lab table

– sink prefab

– metal texture


– Door to room 2

– transparent window texture

– handle knob to open


– Hanging electrical outlet

– fabric(?) prefab

– electrical box


– Exit door

– door texture

– opening bar and texture


– Microwave thing

– textures and architecture


– Bookshelves

– textures

– books and binders with textures


– Overhead, flouresent lights

– light textures


– Evil MRI machine

– machine bed and texture

– control panel and texture


– Maybe fire escape

– stairs, railing and bars textures


– Cat

– 10 walking cycle paws

– 5 pawing things sounds

– 3 purrs

– 3 cry/scream, when hurt or runs into something


– Crazy cat

– making crazy sounds and stuff


– Scientist

– walk/run cycle


– First laboratory room

– flickering light sound

– sink water sound


– Second room

– MRI ambient sound


– background music?



Scripting functionality



– light flickering



– basic walking cycle, pawing things

– purring at random intervals

– crying when running into stuff

– keeping track of what items have been used or activated


4/10 – basic play through with rooms and scene architecture

main character drawings and walking functionality

– basic room architectures

– ambient sounds

4/17 – crazy cat character

details of room 1

4/24 – scientist and kitten character

room 2 details

5/1 – walking and other sounds


5/8 – final



digital spaces, week1

I made a maze out of cubes.  There’s a pink cube that makes you respawn above the maze, so you fall really fall and get to see the whole thing.  There might be a maze in my thesis so I was reading about how to make mazes online and there was a good tutorial for making one with cubes, so I recreated that.  I wanted to make the light move back and forth too but I need to play with making it a spotlight or something.

You can play here.  I still need to finish the whole maze, so I’ll try to do that later.

Link to download for Mac and PC.