Hi, I’m Owen Roberts, an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY.  My work combines digital platforms with various processes including writing, drawing, sound and animation (also some printmaking, installation, and whatever I happen to be interested in).  I like using new technology for unintended purposes, like telling stories on an old flip phone, making video games with no objective or using software to write poems.  I grew up in Shelburne, Vermont and Richmond, Virginia.  I have a Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and currently teach at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

email: owen at theeatingmachine dot com

instagram: @owenribbit

Recent Work

Getting to Know You / Something Ave. / A dextrose by any other name / On / Maze3D / Fingers / Refresh / Carf / Toenail Swim / Booger Bus

Past work
Labo Chat / Beware the Cat / The Fifth Reich / Pm-Mkr / I Was Here / Giant Steps generative poster / Video Cats / DJ HWYV / The Autobiography of Levi Strauss / Two / Video Works 2010 – 2013. / Manual Films / Two Summers / Giant Steps / Clone Killer 2D


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