PM-MKR PC instructions

I decided not to make a PC executable, but made directions for running the mac version on a PC.  I don’t remember how to use windows enough to be sure that this will work all the time, so if anyone who tries this gets problems, I’d appreciate feedback.  Thnx!

PC directions:
Download PM-MKR:
Open the archive and move it to your Desktop.
Then click the Windows start menu icon, and Search for “cmd”:
After you open the command prompt, you should be at the user Directory (if you are not in the user directory, you will need to navigate to it, here’s a tutorial).  Enter the following commands (unfortunately you cannot copy and paste):
cd Desktop
cd PM-MKR_v0.77
cd files
java -jar processing-py.jar
This should launch the program!
It should look like this:
And a final note: On the first screen of the program there is a button that says “Open Read Me” which doesn’t work.  I don’t know how to make this work for PC, so I didn’t bother, but you can find the Read Me text file in the directory with the program.  Likewise, when you get to the final instructions, there is a button to open the PDF with your new poem.  This also doesn’t work.  You can find the pdf in the “files” directory in the PM-MKR folder.  You can also find text versions of the poems in the “poems” directory inside the “files directory.”  Sorry for the inconvenience!

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