ICM Final: Gjohst

This is the current iteration of my ICM final, a video installation that started as a performance tool and turned into a installation/mirror/weird thing called Gjohst.  It’s a very simple mechanism that still surprises people.  As I’ve observed it on the monitor in the hallway for the past couple of days I’ve noticed that most people miss it.  Look behind you.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS2lrOw6Idk’%5D

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ICM final progress

I presented my ideas for the ICM final on Wednesday and the class definitely seemed more interested in the video based project.  I’ll probably continue working on the midterm, but I think I can make the video project really cool, I just have to decide what direction to go in.

I haven’t gotten much farther with my midterm, but I made into an object oriented sketch, and Dan showed me some good idea for using a path of points to map the graphics, instead of static PGraphics units.  Here’s the current sketch.  The motion is just random to show that the units will move.  Eventually they will form a creature that moves and can be played with.


Again, the refresh button doesn’t work in javascript mode, so you have to just refresh the browser.

For the video project, I just created a basic sketch to demonstrate the idea of what I want to do, which is record and play back video of someone over itself, so you can interact with a past version, or ghost of yourself.  I had originally imagined it as a performance tool for dancers or performance artists, but after talking with the class, I thought it could be cool as just a simple installation, that people can choose to engage with.  I thought about making the recorded version of the person just be a ghost that fades in and out for a brief moment, for a subtle interaction, or a longer moment so people can interact with their ghosts on screen.  Because video doesn’t work in javascript mode, I’ll post a video of me interacting with the program, and then the code.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTXFFz8FMsk’%5D

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ICM: Midterm progress

Over the weekend I made my Processing sketch from the midterm into an object oriented sketch, and then got some help from Dan to fix some of the code.  It’s not all the way done yet, but it works a lot better.  I can make the units and now I just have to animate them.  I’m looking into different physics libraries in Processing to do this.  Right now its kinda dumb, but you get the idea: those four objects will form some sort of creature.  For some reason the refresh button doesn’t work in the browser, but you can just refresh the window.

Dan also showed me a better way to do the drawing.  Instead of using PGraphic, just plot the point in an array that can be used in different ways later.  Then he wrote this neat little sketch in about sixty seconds.  You can’t see what you’re drawing right now but it will appear once you release the mouse.  Going to implement this into my original idea.


ICM: Midterm

I didn’t get nearly enough time as I would have liked to work on the code for this midterm, so this post will mostly be about the concept and the things I still need to make/fix.  And again, my code doesn’t work online, probably something with saving graphics, so I’m going to just post some documentation of me just playing with it on the computer.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L9thvJGPfQ’%5D

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